Welcome to the B Suite

After 25+ years in the work world rubbing shoulders with people aspiring to the C Suite (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer–you get the picture) I have quit my job to investigate, instead, the B Suite. I am going to spend a year, simply being. I am interested to see where this takes me, when I follow my whims, desires, and interests.

I think we have lost touch with the simple art of “being” in our more-bigger-faster world. We are so focused on doing this or doing that, going here and going there, that we have lost touch with the essence of life. As Joan Chittister puts it in her most excellent book, The Gift of Years:

The world has been upside down for so long, it is almost impossible to believe anymore that the meaning of life is not about doing. The notion that it is about being–being caring, being interested, being honest, being truthful, being available, being spiritual, being involved with the important things of life, of living–is so rare, so unspoken of, as to be obtuse.

Plus, conveniently, many of my favorite things begin with B: books, birding, and beer, most notably, but also basics (and in many cases getting back to basics), beliefs, bees, baking, breathing, and bacon.

I hope you enjoy my blog, which will be musings on being and other things that catch my attention. Please feel free to agree or disagree as you will. There’s nothing more fun and rousing than a good, fact-based argument! (Okay, not true–off the top of my head I can think of several things that are more fun, but good arguments are just far too rare and they are quite fun and almost always enlightening.)

Welcome to the B Suite!