Spring is Springing

We’ve had a gorgeous day here—sunny and temps in the 60s (not common in early March in Minnesota!). The first thing I noticed when I stepped outside is that my neighbor’s huge maple tree is starting to blossom. I swear it was just bare branches two days ago, and today it is fairly bursting. This caused me to examine other potential spring stirrings. Sure enough, the lilacs and blueberries are starting to bud, and the comfrey is starting to come up! The rhubarb is starting to emerge—just the smallest nub poking out of the ground.

The cactus is budding! Yes, we have cactus in Minnesota (the prickly pear). It collapses over the winter—it looks kind of melted—and I’m always surprised when it comes back in the spring. It looks so thoroughly dead, and then all of a sudden it has these buds. Lots of them. Another one of those everyday miracles of nature.

No sign of catnip or feverfew yet, but the sage had a few green leaves. Patience. It’s still March. Early March.

In the bird world, the cardinals are singing their spring song, and so are the chickadees. Eastern bluebirds should be back soon, as well as robins, great blue herons, and wood ducks.

I’ve seen 25 different kinds of birds so far this year. (I hit 25 yesterday when I saw a wild turkey in someone’s front yard, just as I was leaving the library.) Fourteen of those birds are on my yard list (meaning I saw them from my yard or house; but not necessarily in the yard). I’ve seen a lot of bald eagles. We have them year-round and they’re quite common along the river. A couple of weeks ago, while I was waiting at a stop sign to turn onto the river road, I glanced up to see a pair of bald eagles flying overhead. On the way home from my mom’s three weeks ago we saw two bald eagles perched in a dead tree. Earlier this week I was reading on the front porch (another 60+ degree day) and I saw a bald eagle flying through the sky a block or so away.

It’s nice to have a bald eagle on your yard list. I know they aren’t common everywhere, and I feel absolutely blessed to live in the heart of a major metro area and see them on a regular basis.

It’s early days yet for spring; we haven’t even hit the vernal equinox yet! But you can sense things ramping up.

the cardinal’s spring song
lilac buds, boxelder bugs
and the smell of rain

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