New Year Haiku

I’m enjoying my new approach to haiku in 2015—focusing more on something in the day, something beautiful, something significant. (As opposed to more or less describing my day, which is what I’d been doing in 2014.) Perhaps, not surprisingly, I’m finding this a lot more fun. Here are a few examples:

January 1

sun on the window
as the bus rumbles along
warming my cold heart

January 2

what’s all this honking?
hundreds of Canada geese
not a car in sight

January 5

frozen for hours
I thought the rabbit was dead
then it hopped away

January 6

it’s below zero
but a long day with a friend
warms me from within

January 7

watching the backyard
flash of blue at the birdbath
first jay of the year

I hope your year is as beautiful!

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