Signs of Spring and Poetry


rhubarb nubMy rhubarb is coming in! Just small nubs, not even an inch out of the earth and still surrounded by frozen mulched leaves. But here it comes. I love rhubarb because it starts so early (most especially if it is on the south side of your house) and it requires zero attention other than water, love, and picking.

I have planted chamomile seeds indoors and they are sprouting! I’ve never grown chamomile before. It’s nice to have something already growing for my garden—even if it is indoors and in a little plastic greenhouse.

The Modes of Transportation reading theme got me to pick up Mozart’s Carriage by Daniel Bachhuber (a poetry book purchased in February of 2004 at Micawber’s). I love this poem that I read this morning:

Faure’s Sonata for Violin and Piano, No. 1

So much labor from young hands:
Essays, paintings, poems—
Report card time.

The music saps my fragile resolve
Like the scent of lilac through an open window:
The vow of summer, the tomb of spring.

The piano like footsteps in a cold stream,
Violin a swirl of water
Around the plunging feet.

The music proclaims surface and depth are one.
Tightened bud is full-grown flower.
How can I put a grade on creation?
God is dreaming here.



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