Earth Summit 2014

I’ve just learned about an online conference coming up in March, the Whole Earth Summit. There are 42 speakers from around the world. Among those I’m most excited about:

  • Vandana Shiva
  • Charles EisensteinFree
  • Bill McKibben
  • Anna Lappé
  • Joel Salatin
  • Terry Tempest Williams
  • Raj Patel
  • Starhawk
  • Susun Weed

It’s an online event, March 11-13, running from 4-10 p.m. each day (eastern time). I know I won’t be able to watch all of it, but I’m going to try to catch at least the speakers that most interest me, and I will walk on hot coals to hear Terry Tempest Williams.

You can register for the summit here, and it’s free! You will also get a preliminary schedule of events. A few speakers are yet to be announced (I am still hoping for Wendell Berry and Naomi Klein).

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